Pick Your Pain

Pick your pain

Do you want the temporary pain of progress or

The eternal pain of staying the same?

Joyce Meyer

Who wants pain?

Neither one of those choices sound like much fun, but we have to go with one of them.

The pain of progress means we have to take action today like right now instead of waiting and thinking and remaining stuck.

We have to actually do something different so we can produce different results. How many of you started the year off with big goals but never seemed to accomplish any of them?

We as humans tend to get stuck in the trap of our minds and then we take zero action because we’re stuck thinking.

It hurts to move forward but it also hurts to stay the same. I guess this is the part when you have to get real with you. You have to decide which ones worse and then you have to take action.

Would you prefer to be uncomfortable for a while if it means change is on the way?


Are you ok with not growing and not living the life your meant to Live?

Are you alright with the pain that your currently feeling?

Something to think about

Thanks for reading my blog 💜


God Bless


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