Love isn’t a thought or an opinion it’s an action without limits between 2 people

Yesterday was the beginning of something new for me 💜

International Day Of the Girl was truly a day where I reclaimed my voice

If you know me at all then you know I don’t believe in coincidences there’s no such thing💜

If you want to change your life then you have to be willing to make the changes 💜

Looks like my new side gig will

Consist of counseling women with broken hearts 💜

Gods plan is always bigger and better then my silly little fears 💜

When you understand the love you have inside you and you understand the love that you deserve then you won’t settle for anything less

Thank you to my friends for your daily texts, your random phone calls and all of your little gifts that show up just when I need them, I promise you that each one comes exactly in a moment when I’m in need of some strength💜

People who love you will always reach out and ask you personally what they can do

People who are afraid will stay away and cast judgments

But if you ever really want to know my heart just ask me and I’ll tell you

If you prefer the story you tell yourself that’s ok with me 💜

Love isn’t a thought or an opinion it’s an action without limits and without constrictions

It’s between 2 people only and it’s a choice every single day and every single hour



God Bless


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