A Real Woman Is Whatever She Wants To Be #InternationalDayOfTheGirl

International Day Of The Girl

“A real woman is whatever she wants to be”

I absolutely love that we have an entire day dedicated to girls even though I think every single day is girls day!

Mothers you have an obligation to your daughters to raise them differently then you were raised.

When it comes to girls we have to teach them how to love themselves.

We have to help them find their own voice and then foster the shit out of it.

We need to teach our girls what love looks like and what disrespect looks like. We must teach them about marriage and about family and about what comes first.

We have to teach them how to stand up for themselves no matter how afraid they might feel.

We have to teach our girls about boundaries and how to keep the intruders out. We must teach our girls to be leaders not followers and to never conform to make someone else happy.

Our girls are not here to live a masked life full of fears and insecurities put on them by this broken world.

Our girls are not here to make their parents happy and proud of them. They are on loan to us for a few short years and then they are going to be off living their own adventures.

Falling in love, moving away from home, starting a career, going to school or taking an entire year off to explore are just a few of the options available to them.

But they are so much more then their choices. They are beautiful young souls being shaped by every single interaction that they have with us.

They are the love and the light and the hope of the world. Girls have the ability to heal and to love each other and by doing so it helps send more light into the world.

Men may very well rule this world 🌍

But it’s the love from a woman’s heart that will heal this world 💜

Teach your girls how to use their voices even when they shake

Teach your girls how to stand up for themselves and for others when they see someone being treated badly

Teach your girls the difference between love and control

Teach your girls that NO is a complete sentence

Teach your girls about the bitches in life

Teach your girls how to walk away from people who don’t make them feel good about themselves

Teach your girls the difference between judgment and discernment

Teach your girls that fitting in means losing yourself and that they don’t want to fit in

Teach your girls how to speak truth to bullshit

Teach your girls how to forgive so they don’t carry around resentment in their hearts

Teach your girls how to have boundaries so they are always in control of who they let in and who they dismiss from their lives

Teach them how to disagree politely

Teach your girls how to feel all of their emotions even the yucky ones because they all serve a purpose

Teach your girls the importance of friendship and the lessons that come from the mean girls

Teach your girls to never give their power away to anyone else

To always remember it’s buried deep inside them and it’s available for them to use at any given moment 💜

Teach your girls how to be themselves the world desperately needs them to show up and to be different



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