I don’t need fancy I just need real

I don’t need fancy

I just need love and laughter and real

I need authentic uncensored people who like to sit on the porch and talk

About themselves 💜

What do you need in life?

What truly fills your cup and makes you happy?

What are the simple things that really matter to you?

When you come from a simple place you enjoy the simple things.

I don’t need fancy cars or fancy houses, or even fancy clothes because what truly matters is what’s on the inside.

What’s your heart look like?

Is it bitter and angry?

Is it closed and hard?

Is it full of hate?


Is it full of love?

Is it full of abundance and joy?

Do you understand that you must guard your heart because every single thing that you do flows from it?

In the end what truly matters is how you treat others and how much love you share with the world.

God don’t care what you do for a living or where your live but he cares a whole lot about your heart 💜 and your spirit

He cares if you give away love or if your give away hate because it’s love that this world needs and it’s love that will help us all heal

God Bless



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