Better to be slapped with the truth then kissed with a lie

Better to be slapped with the truth then kissed with a lie 💜

Sometimes in life the truth hurts and other times it’s amazingly freeing. I remember a sermon not that long ago by our pastor who said we all have 5 blind spots.

I was adamant I knew what mine were but I was completely wrong about a few of them. Some of them I was right about of course and others I’m still trying to figure out.

When it comes to life your going to get hurt and your going to hurt some people. This is because we’re human and we’re sinners and that’s the way we’re supposed to be.

If we’re living our lives the way the world wants us to live then family comes last and money comes first. Achievements and accomplishments come before love and honesty. Being busy is the way the world wants you to live because when your busy you never have to feel or think or deal.

You never really get to youR soul or your spirit when your busy because your living a lie seperate from your truth. Your personality is calling the shots instead of your heart and I don’t want my life full of fear.

But if and when you take the time to heal your own soul and your own pains then the world you know and your familiar with might have to fall apart. And even if it’s scary it’s worth it because when the walls are gone the light floods through.

The love shines out and your pain wasn’t for nothing, it was for learning about yourself and helping others through the exact same trials and tribulations.

God doesn’t want you to suffer alone, he wants you to share it with the world so they can heal themselves. If you try to hide your pain then your not living your life Gods way your living it the worlds way.

“Learn all you can about yourself and it will help you become your true self. I think we all have a pretend self, one that we project to the world, but God wants us to be our true self, the person he created us to be”

Joyce Meyer

I believe I was created to show up as my imperfect self, in fact I think this is why people don’t like me or find me scary. I don’t care what the hell the world thinks. I don’t play by the rules of a fearful society masked by the ego.

I show up every day and I’m real🙏

I don’t try to hide my pain or blame it on others instead I take responsibility for it and make it my friend🙏

I use my voice because I’m strong enough to stand up to the critics and the naysayers 🙏

I will always choose the path less followed because the crowd is lost 🙏

In my life I’ve experienced tremendous pain and heartache that I used to feel resentful and angry about. I didn’t understand why I had to endure such pain at such a young age or at any age for that matter.

But now as a grown ass woman I’m beginning to understand why I’ve been given this life and the role that was created for me.

Every single thing that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You were given this life because your here to do amazing things, but first your going to have to heal your heart so it’s not infected with fear anymore.

My mission is revealed to me daily through the path of prayer, yoga and meditation. When I learned how to be still then I could actually hear the messages God had for me.

I’m here to help you heal your heart💜

Replace your fears with hope 🧚🏻‍♂️

Share my story so others can heal 👼

Let you know your never alone 🙏

And teach you how to let go

May your Sunday be full of love and presence

I didn’t understand that my path was being set so that I could help other women heal their emotional baggage.

God Bless



5 thoughts on “Better to be slapped with the truth then kissed with a lie

  1. Well that’s quite a mission, and what a blessed mission it is. You stopped to hear, to listen, to accept. Emotional baggage is a killer of spirit for sure. To be tasked with helping other women heal their emotional baggage is a Godsend for certain. To help them elevate themselves far from their fears, and their gut-wrenching hurts wow. To guide back to a path that leads to the heart, oh yeah. From what I am reading, you carry your lantern well. Happy Sunday!


    1. Thank you beautiful soul🧚🏻‍♂️ the path to recovery is very painful which is why people stay stuck forever 🧚🏻‍♂️ I just knew there had to be something better then feeling sorry for myself 💜 that my life was never easy for a reason 🙏 your so kind to stop and share with me your feelings today have a blessed Sunday

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