Lonely No More

Good Saturday Morning World 💜

As I type to you this morning I’m in the midst of chaotic but beautiful change. The devil is in full force attacking my spirit but losing daily because I am the daughter of the one true king.

If we spend our lives trying to protect ourselves from ever being hurt we will also spend our lives lonely

I understand this lesson oh so well because I’ve lived it for many years. I even guarded my heart and didn’t want to get hurt for many years, until something miraculous happened.

The walls that I had to protect myself began to shed. It wasn’t pretty because the pain that we accumulate in our lives makes it really hard for us to let go.

Our minds want to keep us small and in pain but our hearts and our souls want to be free from the burden of pain. They want to heal so that they can shine bright again.

There have been numerous times in my life when I gave my heart to the wrong person, but if you believe that everything happens for a reason then each of these relationships we’re here to teach you a lesson about yourself.

I always wanted a man to love me and to keep me safe because that wasn’t something I had as a child. I wanted to feel protected and secure and treasured and loved, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that looked like.

I wanted to protect my heart and let someone in all at the same time. After 20 years of being with the same man the time has come for me to let go.

I’ve outgrown protecting my heart 💜

I’ve outgrown the childish games 💜

I’ve learned how to love the right way 💜

I stopped waiting on someone to pick me and I finally picked myself.

I want a real love that’s not surrounded by fears and other people’s opinions.

I want a man that will trust me with his heart and that will be my best friend.

I don’t want a man to make me happy because that’s impossible Friends, but I do want a spiritual companion, one who’s not afraid to show up and be seen.

I want someone who chooses me first 💜

What do you want?

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