My friends are the angels that carry me through the storm

Did you know that when it comes to life God will surround you with the people you need to see you through.

He will take those away from you that don’t deserve to be in your heart. He will save you from yourself if you refuse to listen to his gentle nudging.

We think we know what’s best for us, but there are times in life when we are blinded by love. My pastor says we all have 5 blind spots and I’m sure he’s right.

However I was blinded by my blind because I was so in love.

My life’s been flipped turned upside down and there are times when I don’t know who I can trust and I’m not sure who’s for me or against me.

It’s a bit much to take in all at once, but somehow I keep going. I continue to get out of bed every day and live my life even when it’s really hard.

I show up for the those I love and I support those in need. I refuse to allow this to break me or my spirit.

But if I’m being real I couldn’t do a damn thing without the strength and the love and the loyalty I receive from my friends that are my family.

People can say whatever they want, but you will know who you can count on when times are hard.

Friends show up in the most amazing ways. They protect you and they love you and they always have your back.

They already know all the good and the bad and they still love you unconditionally.

I might not be rich with money but I’m beyond blessed with rich friendships and the love that they provide to me during the madness is the exact love that will get me through.

Women are amazing, mystical creatures when they are using their hearts for love!

I hope your as lucky as I am when it comes to true friends because there’s not better feeling then unconditional love!

God Bless



Be gentle with me I’m under construction

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