Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

I’ve seen you before

You are a familiar part of my life

You are where I find myself

When it’s time to move on

You are the foundation my life

Is familiar with

I’ve met you so many times in my life and each time it felt like I was going to die

It felt like it

Was the end

It seemed overwhelming and out of control

Rock bottom is a place where you grow from

It’s a place where you find strength and resilience

It’s when you show up for yourself because that’s the only

Way to make it to the top again

Rock bottom might be the end of a chapter but it’s never the end of book

It’s where I’m made

It’s how I survived this life and

It’s the beginning of something



Struggles of life shape our hearts and our souls

“We started from the bottom now we’re here”

(Rap song)

Send me some love today and strength and some grace

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