Your awake or your asleep & sometimes your stuck in between

Your awake or your asleep and sometimes your stuck in between

But once you become conscious there’s no going back

There’s only a circle that never ends

Of learning and relearning how

To seperate the voices until your

Always in your heart where the

Light shines from

This doesn’t mean that you never experience anger and hurt and frustration because there’s no amount of awakening that can keep you away from all of those feelings. You are human dear one you can’t avoid sadness because without feeling sad you can’t feel happy.

As you begin to seperate your mind from your heart and further more from your soul you will begin to experience an awakening. It’s learning how to turn inward to learn about yourself and to create a more aware you.

A you who decides things based out of love instead of based on a false sense of illusion that your mind has created to keep you stuck in your smallness.

If this all seems a bit much it’s ok!

As I learn and I teach I find that the realness comes from the journey of showing up to change your mind and your heart.

The lessons of life are always as they should be, it’s the players of life that tend to stray off course. May you all give me grace and love as I transition into a new time in my life.

A time where the present moment is all that matters

God Bless



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