Who actually shows up for the shit storm?

Everyone wants to be the sun to brighten up

Someone’s life

But why not be the moon to shine on someone’s darkest hour?

As I sit down to write this morning there’s many things that weigh on my heart and my

Mind, so I went with the one that means the most this minute.

When things go wrong in life you will learn very fast who is for you and who doesn’t want anything to do with the mess your living.

It’s not enough for people to say they are your friends or they care about you. What really happens when things like divorce, or cancer strike is that it makes people uncomfortable.

They don’t want either one of those things to affect their life so some people will begin to avoid you like the plague. They won’t even look at you or say “I’m praying for you” it’s as though if they speak to you they might catch the problems your having.

Other people will see you out in public and they will look you right in your eyes and they will smile. These people tend to look all the way into my soul, and I love them for letting me know they see me.

Then you have people who say they care and they love you and your family, yet you’ve never heard a single word from them during this entire process. Not a text, not an email, not a phone call, not a message.

They seem to be quietly watching and waiting to see how this all plays out. You wonder as it’s going on if it’s you, but when your conscious enough to pick your thoughts for the day you know it’s all about them and it doesn’t have shit to do with you.

Then you have this other group of people. They are the ones that you never thought you’d even hear from. They bring you gifts of encouragement, and they take the time to text you every single day of the week to give you strength. These people are Gods angels and they aren’t scared of your messiness.

Some family members reach out to share their hope for our marriage while others simply cant wait for it to end.

But here’s the real truth my friends, when things are bad there’s no denying who actually shows up with real love and support, and who stays away because they are afraid.

When people love you or care about you they will make contact with you. They will connect with you somehow, someway and they will let you know that you are not alone.

You shouldn’t ever have to question the loyalty of those you love and who love you.

This entire event has made me see people differently. It’s opened up my eyes to things I already knew to be true.

It’s helped me see lessons that were here all along but that I was blind too. In the end words are just words and people can use and abuse them every single day.

But actions are the things you should pay close attention to, because that’s where the truth lies.

Faith without works is dead 💜

2 thoughts on “Who actually shows up for the shit storm?

  1. Hey girl I’ve been praying for you and even if I don’t ever meet you in this life I will in heaven! I’m always hear for you and will keep praying that you have straight to face the next day. That god will always show you how much he loves you and wants the best for you even when your going through a ruff time he is there loving you throw it. You are brave and a warrior because you fight for the good in this world and even if people don’t like that your not alone!

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    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words 💜 they are exactly what I need to get me through some days 🧚🏻‍♂️I do fight for the good in this world and I love that you see me and you get me 🧚🏻‍♂️


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