Today I took a ME day

Today I had a me day 💜

A long over due

Much needed repair day

I got my roots done and they look amazing

I went with my best friend and got some ink therapy

It was a toss up which word I wanted to use

I was going back and forth between the words

Wholehearted and Faithful because both of those words describe me and I love them

But in my hard times right now

My friends keep telling me I’ve brave

And if I’m being honest I don’t feel very brave most days

So I decide I needed that word to keep me strong

To inspire me daily

To lead me to the light

Brave is the new me 💜

We then went and had lunch and we were pretty much the only ones in there which was perfect for us to cause a ruckus

I even took a nap

I am thankful for the love in the midst of the chaos

The happy in the sad

The ups and the downs

I’m pumped to read my

New message

Daily 💜 and I hope your Saturday

Is full of light and love

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