“I deserved to be first from the beginning”

Love isn’t something you should have to fight for.

If you know you deserve it then you understand the difference between love and fear.

You learn what’s important and what’s not.

You learn that where you spend your time and who you spend it with truly matters because you are exactly like the people you hang out with.

Be honest with yourself and look around and see who’s marriages you absolutely adore. Who has a real love and respect for each other?

Where do you see love being practiced daily and how will you learn from your mistakes?

Love is the most powerful emotion around and it works wonders when we’re open to the healing.

Yesterday I wrote a blog and it turns out I created a new mantra 🧚🏻‍♂️

A wonderful beautiful quote that all people need to hear.

You deserve to be with someone who chooses you over everyone and everything.

(Except God) He always comes first.

Your deserve the love you didn’t receive as a child. The unconditional kind that says I love you for no reason at all. I love you because you were born. I love you because I see you and I choose you over all the other distractions in my world.

Love is not pleasing others it’s pleasing the lord and each other.

For many years I fought to come first and truly I believed it would happen one day.

But it didn’t and it hasn’t and it won’t. When God gives you a partner and you don’t take care of their heart then God will remove them from your life. He will line up the soldiers and help you survive the storm because he wants you to feel and give love freely.

Learning to love wholeheartedly and to keep negative influences out of my marriage was scary and amazing.

I’m not the kind of girl who’s going to sit back and not give up a fight.

I was willing for years to fight for my man and my kids and our love. But recently God taught me that love is a commitment between 2 people and it’s the most precious union of all.

He taught me about who should be taking care of who and who should not be involved in our union.

This is where the healing occurs if you allow it to. It’s where the walls come down and everyone else gets shut out.

It’s where your treasure lies.

Happy Saturday

💜Tay Tay

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