Women and feelings

When it comes to women were immediately at a disadvantage. We didn’t choose this history but we sure as hell inherited a bunch of junk when we were born with vaginas.

I actually love that I’m a woman and that I live in this day and age because the good lord knows I wouldn’t have done well with being quiet and playing my role back in the day. I would have been burned at the stake and called a witch for sure.

He knew where I was needed and what my plan was long before I did. I’m still learning as I type this to show up and be real and live the life he wants me to live.

And that life doesn’t include being quiet and suffering alone because that’s the exact opposite of Gods love.

I understand the internal battles inside your head because we all have them. I often feel the struggle inside myself of wanting to remain the same and small and wanting to bust out my super hero cape.

Were so often taught

To be quiet

To be polite

To conform

To be sweet

To be a door mat

To be a people pleaser

To be a bitch

To stay home

To have kids

To get married

To not have boundaries

To not get angry

To hide our emotions

Your shorts are too short

Your cleavage is too much

Your cuss words are bad

Your hair needs brushed

Tattoos are awful

Yogas the devil

She’s this

She’s that

And on and on and on and on and on and on

Until one day a new group of women come along. They don’t play by the rules of society because that’s not the way they were built.

They don’t care what you think because they aren’t here to please you they are here to teach you about yourself. (if your awake enough to learn)

They aren’t living their life the way someone else thinks they should, they are standing up and they are using their voices to help other women heal.

They are teaching us that the love in our hearts is the exact same love God wants for all of us. A course in miracles says “Everyone we meet will either be our crucifier or our savior, depending on what we choose them to be”

Who is saving you?

Who is crucifying you?

I want you guys to stop letting the world decide what’s best for you. I want you to learn to change the voices in your head by healing the shit in your heart.

I want you to be bold and to be brave and to use your voice. I want for you a new life and a new thought process and a new found love for yourself through forgiveness.

We can’t change the world by being just like it. There’s enough people who want to drink the Kool Aid, and there’s many more people who are beginning to awaken from their slumber.

I choose the light

I choose to show up

Even when I’m scared to death and it means everything’s going to change I’m still showing up.

That’s the power of love

That’s the power of healing the heart

Speaking truth to bullshit

And not living in fear

I love you friends let the light shine in

God Bless



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