You gotta feel it to heal it (my mantra for divorce)

I’ve got a new mantra

You gotta feel it to heal it

Why is it my new mantra?

Because the lessons I’ve learned lately run deep in my soul. We so often want to push the pain away so we don’t have to endure it.

Our brains literally want to escape the madness of what we’re feeling. I promise you that those feelings of a broken heart never change.

I haven’t felt this way for years and now I’m being reminded exactly what betrayal feels like all over again.

Guess what?

It’s still as intense as ever and it’s still feels as though sometimes your drowning. But then there’s some really good things that come from the pain.

You see what can’t get out can’t get in and if you don’t heal that and feel then your going to bleed all over someone else. Someone who doesn’t deserve your pain . Someone who didn’t cause your pain.

I see so many people happy after their divorce that I know I will be happy again. Our husbands job is not to MAKE us happy, but rather his job is protect us and take care of us. To grow with us and to learn how to be the man he was created to be.

In the middle of my mess I find blessings daily. They come in the form of presents, messages, love, friendship and even the angels are blessing me.

But the devil also threatens my peace. When we don’t guard our hearts he creeps right in. When we begin to believe the lies we were told we know that we’re on the wrong path.

A million things have already made me feel like I’m dying but I’m still here.

I’m the daughter of the one true king and that’s better then any plans I have for myself.

The next time it hurts so bad you want to disappear, stand up to the pain. Invite it in and make friends with it. Learn how to work through it feel it and you will heal it.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for myself and my family. I thought starting a blog was for my networking it turns out God said it was for my healing.

He’s got big plans for me just as soon as I survive the storm!

Love you all


God Bless


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