Once upon a time…….the ending of a love story

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl who met and fell in love.

They were smitten with each other.

They were both from Ohio but God said these 2 are supposed to be together. So all the way down in South Carolina their love story began.

He moved in the apartment above hers and she was immediately attracted to him. He was handsome and he was kind and he was different then the other men she had met in her life.

She never had a dream of getting married but when she met him that all changed. They loved each other so intensely that no one else mattered ever.

Nothing and no one would stop them from being together. This boy didn’t ask anyone if it was ok to love her. He didn’t care where she was from or what her story was because he knew the love that he felt for her was something he never felt in his entire life.

As their lives went on and 20 years passed the love story continued. But what Began to happen was they allowed other people to make decisions for their lives.

She tried and tried and tried to get him to see that there could be no outsiders (parents included) aloud to make decisions and choices for their future. She did her very best to love him even when it meant sacrificing all of her dreams for someone else’s.

If I could give you any marriage advice in the midst of mine ending it’s this………..

Always put each other first 💜

Never talk to your parents about your spouse

Never allow money to control you

Guard your hearts because if you don’t you’ll end up making bad decisions

Be honest

Take down the walls

Don’t lie to yourself

Don’t allow others into your union

Never talk bad about your spouse in public

Always have their back

Never run away from them

Never make them feel like they are unimportant

Be willing to sacrifice anything for them

My story is not over yet

It’s just time for a new chapter

I love you

I hope your marriage is a blessing from the lord


5 thoughts on “Once upon a time…….the ending of a love story

  1. I am feeling your pain tbrough your words Tavia. Be strong and keep your kids and grandbaby uppermost in your mind during your daily struggles. They eill be the light to see you through this dark time! I am here if you ever need a shoulder-no judgement.❤

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