Learning to be an original again

Be an original always

Never conform to the norm

Don’t be like everyone else

Learn to use your voice no matter what and use it for what you want

Never to please others

We must learn what our hearts want

We must learn to to drown out all of the other voices

So we can listen to our hearts

When you can learn to be true to you

That’s when life begins

There are certain things in this world I know to be true about myself and I won’t ever argue them

With you and you won’t ever find me explaining myself to you

I know the difference between my rights and my wrongs

I don’t care what’s acceptable for you because I don’t live your life

You don’t get to to tell me what’s ok and what’s not ok for my


That’s exactly the problem with the world

Learn how to listen to people

Stop being co-dependant and learn to live an emotionally available life

In this midst of my madness don’t tell me what I’m doing if you truly don’t know the story

We all see things through our own lenses we don’t see them as they are we see them as we are

I see through most people

I see through their insecurities

I see the games people play at work

Inside their marriages and everywhere else in life

I see when money matters more then love

I know when priorities will never change

I won’t ever stop writing

If you don’t like what I have to say there’s this button you can push called block and it works wonders

Only real people are around in my space

If you want to live an authentic life you must be willing to cut out those who serve you negatively

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