The world needs more women to use their voices

Ladies the world need more women to use their voice!

Not in a bitchy way

Not in a people pleasing way

In a way that’s congruent with your heart💜

A way that enables you to be free from the hurts that lie inside you

You need to learn to protect your precious relationships

You need to keep all intruders out

Relationships were never meant to be triangles

Respect is a must

Love is a must

Trust is a must

Honesty is a must

Commitment is a must

Faithfulness is a must

Integrity is a must

Know the difference between right and wrong

And if you can’t figure it out then you already know the answer

Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind because you have every single right in the world

It’s your life

No one else’s

I’m so thankful for my friends

For those of you who know the truth

For those of you who are brave enough to ask

You are the healers my friends

You are the light

And the love you shared with me yesterday will heal my heart 💜

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