The suffering is everywhere!!!! What are we doing about it?

Everyone is suffering alone

The world has 9 year olds who kill themselves

17 year olds who shoot up schools

Divorce is the answer for selfishness

Denial is the answer to conflict

People are overdosing every minute

Sex trafficking is a normal thing

Everyone is

Walking around in so much pain

But no one is talking about it

No one is doing anything to make it better

What are we truly afraid of?

What other people think?

What makes us uncomfortable?

Why do we avoid feelings and love?

Why do we judge instead of love?

Why is denial acceptable?

What world do I live in?

My world is a mess right now and I would love to pretend it’s perfect because we don’t share the neagtive

Do we?

We don’t want to pretend that we’re human?

We don’t want to feel

We will do almost anything to make us not feel

This is where every single addiction comes from no matter what the size

No matter what the addiction

It’s there to protect you from feeling

It could be anything from drinking, to gambling to spending to time much time at the gym

It can be our smart phones that we can’t put down

It can be gossiping

It can be smoking

It can be literally anything

Stop avoiding

Stop running

The world needs love






And people who are willing to be the change

I am the change

I’m here for you

We weren’t made to to do this life alone

We were made to come from love

We were made to heal our hearts and to help others

We were made for true


If you have a bad day

A bad week

Or even a bad month

I’m truly sorry

I know your pain

I feel it to

I hope that you find the courage to not do it alone

I hope your brave enough to let someone in because they do care I promise you

No matter what your silly mind tells you

You are not your thoughts

You are not your mistakes

You are not your hurts

Or your dramas

And you didn’t deserve the pain that’s come your way

Be willing to learn how to feel

To be proud of your emotions

To love yourself on your bad days and your good days

But most of all remember that you were created by the one true father

And your not here my mistake

Be brave

Use your voice

Call someone they are waiting to love you

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