Life is hard

Sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it’s painful

Sometimes we get hurt and sometimes we hurt others

This is why we are here

To heal the pain

To help heal others pain

To turn to love instead of ourselves

To heal our hurts and to love others

Sometimes we confuse love with other things

We allow people in our relationships that should never be involved

We continue to run away from the love and the light because we’re afraid what might happen if we’re really seen

It’s all fear based from our mind and from our past

It’s all an illusion of our own hurts that we don’t want to heal

If we truly want to heal and love then we must be willing to let go of things that hurt us

That don’t serve our hearts out of love but out of fear

I know what it’s like to live the love and the light and I also know what it’s like to live others expectations for your life

You will never please other people and it’s not your job to make them happy

God gives you the people your supposed to grow with but he can’t make you grow

He can’t change your heart unless your truly committed to being in love more then your committed to being afraid

I don’t know what each day holds but I do know the difference between faith and fear

I do know the difference between love and control

I do know that letting go means surrendering to a cause much bigger then myself

And I also know that there can be no light without darkness

Heal the broken child and the adult will appear

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