I am……….

I am a feelings girl in a thinking world

I am passionate and emotional

I’m over the top

I’m real and I’m loud and I’m love

I’ve felt true pain and heartache but it’s never broken me completely

It’s where the light gets in

It’s where the forgiveness is found

It’s where the love is

I am far from perfect and I won’t ever strive to be

I am messy because I love with all of my heart

I am not the things that have happened to me

Nor am I responsible for the trespasses on my heart

I am learning to take down the walls and create something new

Something real

Something magical

Something that comes from love not from fear

I am always learning always growing always seeking more wisdom from the light

I am On a different path but it doesn’t mean I’m lost

My energy is too much for some of you and I’m ok with that

You are not my people

But for those of you who see the real me

Those of you who fully understand my struggle and my journey

Those of you who see me with compassion and not with pity

You are my people

I am me

I’ve worked so hard to get here

To be able to love

To be able to let go

To be able to heal

To be able to be real

To be able to be seen

To be able to be heard

To be able to love myself

To be able to be alive

I am me and I am enough




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