The power of sisterhood

👆👆👆👆Marianne Williamson

It’s no coincidence friends that I found this paragraph while reading my book this morning. (I love hi-lighting my books I feel like a rebel) I’ve often said to my friends that I love to have real talk like Oprah!

I’ve even said one day I’m going to have a talk show, or radio show, or podcast where women come and share their stories like Oprah.

This dream I’ve had about helping women is already being fulfilled. For a really long time it made me uncomfortable to think that my healing could have such an affect on those around me, but after witnessing so many amazing transformations of the heart I can’t deny it anymore.

I’m not the healer they do the work by being brave and having the conversations, but I am the teacher the leader and the student of light and love.

“We must take the communion of women very seriously at this time and do all we can to support other women in reaching for the stars. There cannot be too many glorious women. There cannot be too many queens. There cannot be too much success.”

When women learn to love and support each other instead of compete and belittle each other amazing things begin to happen.

There’s no stronger love in the world then the love that comes from true relationships and friendships. It’s a healing power that all females have inside of them.

We must learn to stop living in the dark and communicating from places of fear. We must learn our worth and then teach other women how to love wholeheartedly.

“Fear is hard-heartedness in all its forms”

Women all over the world are reclaiming their power and learning how to heal the world through the light inside them.

Will you be a part of the love ☔️ storm?

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