A lesson on energy 🧚🏻‍♂️

“Bring yourself to a different situation where you’re around incredible positive people that love seeing you and others shine. That rubs off on you. “

Energy never lies friends ⭐️

When I looked up the meaning of energy in the dictionary I found several meanings. It’s Moving and it’s alive like a current.

We might not be able to see it but we most certainly can feel it. It might be used for electricity or it might be used for winning a football game. Energy comes in so many different forms that we need to learn what fills our cups and what drains the life from us.

There are people and situations in life that will steal all of your energy and make you feel really depleted. These friends are also known as energy vampires. For us empaths they tend to affect us different then most, because we are so sensitive to emotions.

Then there are others people who fill your cup. Every single time your with them you leave feeling better then when you began. They are the light seekers, the lovers and the healers. They live by a different set of rules and they are the healing force of this world.

Because while energy is an essential part of our everyday living it’s also the life force of the human spirit.

It’s what helps people heal from things that have hurt them, and it’s what gives you the ability to stay up all night studying for an exam.

Energy affects us all in different ways. Some people are unaware of forces that go beyond their 5 senses. They identify with the ways of this world. They live life according to “standards” of this world.

But if you can for one minute imagine a place that’s much deeper then your thoughts, then you can begin the inward journey. If you can learn that there’s so much more to you then your fears, you will begin to create a new kind of energy.

An energy that flows from a place of love and abundance, instead of a place that’s fearful. An energy that brings light to the situation and provides healing for the soul.

We all have the power to develop our own consciousness, if we’re brave enough to take down the walls.

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