Lessons on Intentions

You are the product of the karma of your soul. The dispositions, aptitudes and attitudes that you were born with serve the learning of your soul. As your soul learns the lessons that it must learn to balance its energy, those characteristics become unnecessary, and are replaced by others.

Gary Zukav

Good Sunday morning friends!

I hope your weekend has been amazing so far. This mornings lesson is one that has to do with our souls. It’s a journey inside of yourself, where authentic growth can occur. It’s a lesson on personality versus spirit and I think we all need to get real with our intentions.

If you want to change your life then you need to first become familiar with yourself and all the crazy patterns that threaten to hold you back.

First things first :

Become familiar with the voices in your head. Pay attention to the ones that’s have a lot of emotional baggage tied to them.

This is probably the hardest step of all when it comes to conscious living.


Because we’re often times slaves to the voices in our heads. We listen to every thought and then we act on it. Our minds are controlling us and we’re unconsciously aware that this is happening. So we must learn to become the watcher of our thoughts.

Making fun of ourselves and our thoughts instead of beating ourselves up and succumbing to our old patterns.

Your personality can also be known as your ego, and you must be able to disconnect the 2 if you want to grow spiritually.

Your personality doesn’t want you to change. It lives life according to the rules of this world. Your personality has been a part of you since you were born and while it’s not an awful thing you still need to become aware of it.

Because in order to feed the spirit and live in your soul, your going to have to become intentional. You must take the time to navigate your self in order to truly begin living again.

There’s an internal battle going on inside all of us. Some of us understand this battle fully, while others are completely unaware of it. They believe everything they think because they’ve not learned how to find the light yet.

Do you want to spend your entire life being afraid and never ever feeling contentment?


Do you want to get in touch with your soul again?

The choice is yours friends 💜

I hope you choose wisely

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