How to start living an authentic life today…..

Living an authentic life isn’t for the weak of heart. You must first understand yourself and what you want for you life, and then you have to brave enough to go for it.

Being authentic means being true to you and your beliefs. It means being able to filter out all other opinions and views on how you should be living your life, and instead picking a new path for you and your family.

It means that you need to update your blueprints and make sure they are current with your mid life beliefs versus your conditioned beliefs.

Being authentic means shedding anything that no longer serves a positive vibration in your life. It means being willing to examine your own heart and the boundaries that you’ve placed upon it.

It means letting go of the need to be right and instead, creating the life that the lord wants you to live. It means taking down all the walls that have kept you safe over the years, because your not really safe friends.

What can’t get out of the heart, can’t get into the heart! So we must make it our mission to release all the fears that conspire to keep us small. We must release all the negative energies that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

We have to get brutally honest with everything from our child hoods until this very moment that have shaped our every thought.

To be authentic you honestly are going to have to get to know your soul again. Your going to have to get in touch with your spirit and who you truly are.

While your body ages your soul remains the same.

When I was 18, I felt like I was 12

When I was 30 I felt 18

And now that I’m 44 I feel younger inside then I ever have and it’s all because I’m learning what Tavia authentically wants and needs.

The journey with yourself is never ending!

You will always be with you so why not learn to love yourself?

Why not learn to create a life that you don’t need to escape from?

Why not learn to be the best you and while doing so create a new life force for those you love.

I used to play by the rules of this world until I learned a better way………………

My hope for you is that you will learn to listen to your ♥️ heart

Take down the walls

Stop the voices that conspire to hold you back

And authentically live the life you deserve


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