The answers lie within

Wednesday’s Wisdom

We seek outside the wonders we carry inside us.

Rumi 💜

Learning how to turn inward for the answers is not the easiest path but it’s most definitely the right path for enlightenment.

You cannot live a life awake and try to please the world at the same time. In fact I believe with all of my heart that I was put on this earth to teach this very lesson.

Women, we are responsible for creating change in our lives, healing the broken parts, taking the walls down, and learning how to truly feel again.

It’s scary yes,

To feel all of these things we have avoided for years and years, but what’s scarier is never waking up. Never understanding the evolution of your spirit. Keeping it asleep so that you might not have to feel pain anymore.

Pretending not to be hurt because you don’t know how to use your words.

Pretending everything’s ok even though you know it’s not.

Playing the role your supposed to play in life to keep everyone else happy.

While we women have numerous roles that we play, I believe the healer is one of the most important roles of all.

It’s because of the darkness that I’ve been brought to the light. My ability to love, now outweighs my ability to be afraid and the journey is just beginning.

Mid life is the best life thus far

Because it’s the realest I’ve ever felt

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