What takes you into the darkness & turns you away from the light?

The most accurate and beautiful description of what love is.

The purpose of love is to find a partner we can grow with, through the barriers that keep love at bay, to the center of the universe that exists inside all of us.

This sentence describes exactly why relationships either work or they don’t. If our purpose is to grow and take down the walls that keep love out, but we’re not willing to grow because we’re so afraid, then we’re not experiencing true love.

We are continually perpetuating the exact same cycle over and over again. True love only exists between 2 people and when the love becomes afraid and stagnant it’s because we don’t want to take the walls down. We don’t want to examine the pain that caused us to put them up in the first place and we truly don’t want to heal the pain.

But if God gave you your partner with the exact intent of teaching you about yourself then you better start to pay attention. You must ask yourself what your really afraid of and what’s preventing you from loving with your entire heart versus a tiny portion of it.

Getting past the barriers, those walls that surround our hearts, means hanging around long enough to get a look at what they are.

We don’t truly know somebody until we want to know them. We see them the way we want them to be, we paint our own little story in our heads and then when the story doesn’t match the reality we become overwhelmed.

We begin to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. We start to internally fall apart and we begin to lose ourselves to the negative monsters in our minds.

But what’s really happening is that your walls are afraid and so are you. You weren’t taught how to deal with your feelings or these emotions and your not really sure what to do with them. So you continue to avoid the light and you begin to enter the darkness.

It’s not your fault dear one for it’s all that you know.

“The sight of our innocence is the experience of light. We know the darkness; how to condemn, how to judge. The pain we felt there was a symptom of our sickness, a sign that had turned away from love.”

“Love is not a cool arrangement or a night in bed. Love is angels hovering, circling, calling us to seek the sky together. And when we do we change our patterns. We become new women; we become new men;”

(Marianne Williamson)

We’re given intimacy with our partners for many reasons, but the main reason is to massage our hearts and keep the muscles around it pliant.

For without pliancy there’s no room to change, to grow and to evolve.

After being in a relationship for 20 years I understand the different phases of our hearts.

My ideas on love and family and relationships have changed dramatically over the years, but this is because I have grown and changed over the years.

There’s not a single thing that’s easy about this learning process. In fact it’s quite painful most of the time, but it’s worth it and love is worth it and your worth it my friends.

I pray this week that you will take the time to find out what walls are still holding you back?

What takes you into the darkness and away from the light?


Do you want to change it?

When our emotional tanks are full the world looks brighter.

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