It is not wrong to desire happiness

Happiness is your nature.

It is not wrong to desire it.

What is wrong is

Seeking it outside

When it’s inside.

Learning to find happy on the inside takes a lot of courage and strength. I used to give my happy away to people and to places and to things, and while I felt temporary happiness it never lasted.

The feelings always seemed to fade away after a while and I was left with myself time and time again. Learning to love myself has been one the biggest challenges in my entire life.

When you decide to heal the broken and take down the walls it’s not always pretty and it sure as hell ain’t easy. I have lots of stuff happening in my life right now that’s been consuming my energy and my time. It makes it hard for me to write or to concentrate on certain things because all of my focus is somewhere else.

But I’m not afraid. In fact I believe this is exactly where I need to be and the lessons I’ve learned are hard, but valuable. Life isn’t always going to deliver what you want but more often it delivers a lesson that you need to learn.

I’m ready for new life lessons and new adventures. I’m ready to see things clearly and with new eyes. I’m ready to love myself the way God wants me to be loved. I’m ready to be the light that shines from within.

May your Saturday be full of light and laughter 🧚🏻‍♂️

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