It’s important to share your story so people know that they aren’t alone

We need more people who are willing to share their stories. More people that are willing to connect to each other on a spiritual level and who are willing to be seen.

Our lives lack so much real because we’re all stuck behind our screens scrolling our lives away, or we’re glued to the TV binge watching Netflix.

These are great things to do once in a while or for a little bit every week, but when we spend hours and hours avoiding our hearts then our spirits will pay the price.

I know it’s scary to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. But what’s even scarier is that you stay exactly the same your entire life.

We are here to evolve into a higher awakening. Some of us are already awake, while there are others who will never awaken from their slumber.

I am a light seeker 🧚🏻‍♂️

Energy healer ☀️

Lover & 💜

Friend 💁‍♀️

It’s through the power of my stories that I’ve learned to change my life.

It’s though sharing my stories that I’ve been able to rewrite them. If we always keep telling ourselves the same thing over and over again eventually we believe it.

But if you take the time to connect with your faiths and you leave your fears at the door then you my friends will begin a new journey.

What could you use less of?

What could you use more of?

Ask yourself

Those questions today and be real with you!

Happy Thursday Friends

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