Experiences Of The Soul

Have any of you read The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav?

I feel like I read this book a really long time ago when I was a different person. I’m not sure that I understood it then the way that I do today.


As I continue on my journey into my heart I often find parts that still need healed. However upon further investigation I truly understand that those parts of me are fighting to exist. They’ve ruled my mind for so long that they don’t want to go away.

They’ve been protecting me my entire life and who am I to tell them to be quite?

Who am I to choose my spirit over my mind?

Who am I to believe anything that my heart tells me?

Who am I to evolve beyond the 5 senses?

If I listened to my brain or as he says my personality then I would never have learned how to feel again. I wouldn’t be able to go beyond the realm of my thoughts because my thoughts were my truths.

But as you can see my friends love, compassion and wisdom do not come from the personality because they are experiences of the soul.

Take time to learn who your are beyond your personality, beyond your ego, beyond your thoughts because that’s who you truly are.

The world needs more spirits and love and less personality! 💜

What do your thoughts on the personality after reading this?

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