A Lot Should Change In Five Years

From the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan

A lot should change in five years!

“Change is not only good it’s critical. If you do the same things today that you did 5 years ago, you need to closely examine your heart. To repent means to change. You discover areas of your life that are NOT under God’s control, and you repent and you change.”

I just finished this amazing book this morning and I would highly recommend it to those of you who are interested in doing some spiritual inventory.

It’s a book that I believe everyone should read who attends church. It’s not a book for us to point the finger at others and to judge them, but rather to point the finger at ourselves.

Your spirit and your heart cannot be open to influence unless you spend the time it takes to nurture it and to ask for guidance.

We will never change if we always conform to the ways of the world. If we live our lives to make other people happy and to keep up with the Jones’s then we are not staying true to our hearts.

When we talk about change it has to come from an intense desire to be different, to live our lives by a new set of rules. If you haven’t changed much in the last 5 years then your not doing the work on yourself that your supposed to be doing.

Avoidance of the heart will leave your spirit empty. If you really want to change get with real with what’s holding you back and ask for help.

May your Thursday be full of love and change

“If we don’t actually change, we deceive ourselves”

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