A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true

There’s many steps that you must take if you want to change your life. You can’t change by will power alone because it will never sustain you.

You cannot skip any of the steps along the journey or you will find yourself starting over again and again.

I know how to bring lasting change into my life, and I also understand why it’s easier to stay the same.

It takes an insane amount of focus, a mentor who will help you get beyond yourself, and a commitment to being different.

What normally happens with people is that they get all excited about something and they go all in. But then somewhere along the line they miss a day and then they begin to beat themselves up.

Their internal dialogue is one that says you will never change, you should have never tried in the first place, you will always be the same.

And this my friends is where you have a choice!

You can say to yourself, “Yesterday wasn’t such a good day for me! But that doesn’t mean that I should quit! That doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person! And it sure as hell doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world! Tomorrow is a new day and I will start fresh in the morning.”

Or you could say

“Yesterday sucked! I’m an awful person who will never change. I knew that I should have never even tried. Why did I even think that I could do something like this? Who was I kidding? Never again!”

And so begins the insanity of self sabotage!

We want to change but our brains want to keep us stuck and safe.

Your brains no different then mine, I’ve just learned how to get beyond the nonsense

I used to tell myself.

I’ve learned how to love myself fully and by doing so I’m able to help others learn how to practice self love on a daily basis!

You can follow my advice


You can listen to your own advice

The choice is yours

Have a great week

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