Midlife Is Where The Magic Is

“Midlife: When the Universe grabs you by the shoulders and tell you “I’m not F-ing around use the gifts you were given” Brene’ Brown

Good morning friends I’m bringing you an amazing message on this #FeelGoodFriday

It comes from one of mentors Brene’ Brown and I resemble it on so many levels. When it comes to the middle of our lives it’s seems as though we’re at a crossroad.

Which way do I go?

What’s really important?

Am I fulfilling my destiny?

Am I stuck in my fears?

Am I stuck on auto pilot?

Lots of the questions that we are asking ourselves come from our third eye chakra which develops between the ages of 36 & 42.

This chakra is all about intuition, and wisdom. It doesn’t come from the mind and it doesn’t believe the same thoughts that’s it’s always believed.

It’s a part of the awakening!

It’s the ability to look beyond your minds and into your heart. It’s wisdom that comes from faith. It’s a beautiful journey, but it’s also scary and messy.

This is why so many people succumb to the idea of a mid life crisis. They believe that this is all normal, but what’s really happening is that their intuition is blocked by their current belief system.

We all have a very unique set of gifts. I am an empath and I have the ability to feel others emotions on a very deep level. For many years I wasn’t able to fully embrace this gift because it drained me and I didn’t know how to have boundaries when it came to others energy.

But now I absolutely love this gift, because I took the time to develop it, instead of run away from it.

Having real conversations with people is another one of my gifts. I don’t have time for small talk and small minds because that my friends is simply a waste of energy.

Don’t get stuck in your head!

Learn to love out of your heart and stay away from the fears that hold you back.

May your mid life be full of change and wonder instead of fear and complacency!

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