There’s a battle going on inside of you

There’s a battle going on inside of you and

It’s between your ego and your soul.

We all have many different voices inside of our heads that we need to learn how to separate.

Some of the voices are kind and loving while others are negative and harmful to our hearts. The key to learning to love yourself lies in which voices you choose to listen too.

Trust me when I say your not alone!

Your not crazy!

And most importantly you are not your thoughts!

Our brains have 60,000 thoughts a day and you’re not in control of many of them. Your mind is your central processing system, and it has a job to do.

Your job is to learn that you are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. We must take the time to be still with ourselves and learn how to find our magic again.

It’s in there I promise!

But you have to be brave and bold and you have to learn a new way to think if you want to truly love yourself.

I know that change is scary, but what’s even scarier is staying exactly the same week after week! I can’t even imagine where I would be had I not started to learn about myself.

Your a badass and it’s time to get in touch with that voice!

I love you friends

You’ve got this

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