You see in the world what you carry around in your heart

What you see in this world you carry in your heart.

Our eyes are a direct pathway to our hearts.

We can’t see things in people we don’t like unless we also possess those same characteristics.

I know it’s sometimes confusing when it comes to figuring ourselves out, but if we pay close attention to the feelings that are attached to our judgments then we will soon understand.

If we have any kind of negativity, reactivity, anger, bitterness, or judgment then these are the things we need to heal.

Often times we are on auto pilot when it comes to life.

We are so comfortable with our conditioned responses that we don’t even have to think. We just automatically have the answers to everything and we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re right.

However today I want you to focus on yourself instead of others. I want you to get real with you!

Where do your judgments come from?

When did you learn them?

Where does your pain come from?

Where does your fear come from?

Those aren’t feelings of love and comfort but rather feelings of insecurities and broken hearts.

We’re so quick to place the blame on other people but I tell you this, whatever you don’t like in another person, you have inside yourself.

Blame talk is for the weak!

It always blames everyone else and it never learns how to take responsibility for itself.

Blame talk makes everything everyone else’s fault all of the time and it will keep you stuck and alone.

I’m a reformed blamer!

I used to blame everyone for everything because it was simply all that I knew.

But you can learn a new way Friends if your willing to get real with you.

Thanks for reading my blog friends


God Bless

Peace ✌️

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