First Concert………With My Daughter & My Girls

We took our daughters to see Charlie Puth last night and Hailee Steinfeld and it was soooooooo much fun!

We all climbed in here and drove to Cincinnati! Our adventures began around 3:00 and I think we finally made it home sometime after 1:00.

(Disclaimer I’m going to need some recovery time)

Mommas in the front, girls in the back

And let the adventures begin. We got VIP tickets so they were spoiled and up close. There was no waiting to get in.

No walking 100 miles to get to the concert because we had VIP parking. I’m 100% positive that these girls don’t understand how the next concert they go to, they will will be waiting and walking a lot more!

We enjoyed drinks in our private lounge before the show and we even had our own bathrooms. How cool is that?

Last night they filled me with so much love and excitement because their energy was off the hook!

My daughter said “I think I’m going to faint”

“I’m nervous Mom”

Followed by a million smiles and million more screams.

First time things are amazing to experience with your kids! Concerts that fill you heart and your soul full of precious memories will never be forgotten.

This is what life’s truly about. Living and loving and making memories with those that you love.

Charlie was fantastic on so many levels!

What an amazing talent for music this guy has.

Hailee Steinfeld sings the kind of songs that you want your daughters singing more of!

She’s full of

#selflove and #positivity!

I know these memories will last a lifetime and one day they will be telling their daughters all about this concert.

I am blessed

I am lucky

I am thankful

I am full of love

I am surrounded by amazing friends with awesome daughters!

We planned this last year, and the fact that we all made it to the concert was truly amazing because our lives all changed after we bought these tickets.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard that we might not all make it here, BUT we did!

It gave us something to look forward too, a light at the end of the tunnel if you will!

My girls are warriors

They are amazing friends, wives and mothers and I’m lucky to call them mine!

Life is short

Tomorrow is not promised

Do it now and do it well

Because you never know what’s next

I love you friends thanks for reading my blog

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