Listen to the Devil or Listen to God the choice is yours but the results are not the same

There’s certain life lessons that we all must learn. I’ve overcome so many different things in my life and every time I did it I thought I was going to die in the middle of the pain and the suffering.

I’ve seriously survived a shit ton of crazy in my life from not having a dad early on, to using a lot of drugs and partying all the time. I also put myself in situations that I knew were unhealthy for me. I stayed with boyfriends way to long that were no good for me because I didn’t know any better and I didn’t love myself the way I do now.

Those stories are just the tip of the iceberg, there’s no need for more details here but you can probably find more about them in my blog.

This story’s about what the devil does to me when I’m in those unhealthy places. This is about the difference between Gods love and his plan for us versus the devils plans that wreak havoc on my mind and my soul.

The first thing you have to realize is that sometimes God wants certain people out of your life and this is why he allows the pain and suffering to occur. God knows that when your weak you will need him and you will reach out for him.

He will take you out of situations that hurt you and he will put new people in your life. He’s always got a better plan for your life, and for your heart. It’s us who refuse to move on and to let go. It’s us who keeps repeating the same exact mistake over and over and over again because we feel to broken to fight the battle.

But there a huge difference between the thoughts that come from God and the thoughts that come from the devil.

The devil wants to come in and keep you stuck. He brings to you feelings that are confusing and so untrue. He makes you feel weaker then you already feel because that’s how he works.

The devil doesn’t attack those who aren’t a threat to him. He goes after the strongest spiritual leaders around because he’s threatened by them as he should be.

If you are feeling afraid, feeling unworthy or alone, feeling like your never good enough those are fears and they never come from God. If your always having to defend your character that’s not love either friends. Anything that makes you feel negativity is from the liar who wants to ruin your heart.

He has a sole purpose when your feeling alone and it’s to put a wedge in between you and God. He wants to make you believe his lies so he can have his way with you. The less love you feel for yourself, the more likely you will stay in the pain.

The more confused he has you the weaker you become until you finally believe all the lies that he’s spreading. But I’m here to tell you that the devil is a big fat liar. He’s attacking you and he’s winning. Hell he’s attacking our entire world now and winning.

God puts us in places where we need to grow, and if we don’t grow then he will give us more pain until we can’t take it anymore.

I know what it’s like to believe the devil and I also know what it’s like to believe my God.

I know the difference between the 2 but it sometimes takes me a really long time to get the message I’m truly supposed to receive. This is because I have had to fight to love myself over the years. I had to look within and beg for help from above in order to change where I was and where I came from.

I used to never look at my mistakes from the past until I got older and I realized all of the lessons that lied within.

If it weren’t for self reflection and the ability to forgive and open my heart again then I would never be the person I am today. If it weren’t all the pain and the tough times in my life then I could have never grown into the beautiful woman I am today.

God wants you to experience the beauty of love not fear. He wants to help bring you closer to him even if we’re afraid of the future. He wants us to stop listening to the lies in our own minds and he wants us to let go and to trust him.

For I know the plans I have for you, is one of my all time favorite verses. He does have a plan and it’s better and more glorious then what the devil has planned.

So when things get hard and your scared and afraid know that God has a plan for you. Know that your worthy always and that you have the most amazing person on your side planning your future.

When the devil begins to whisper in your ear make sure you tell him he’s no longer welcome here

And then trust in God

And let it go

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