How to change the station in your mind

Doubt kills more dreams than fear ever will

Oh the mind it’s a crazy place and even after years of studying it I can still become trapped in my own chaos.

Did you guys think I never have thoughts or patterns that need to be fixed? Because if you do I’m here to tell you that your completely mistaken my friends.

The thing about our brains is that they’ve been with us forever and they are where the pain is stored. The hurt, rejection, fears, false lies, the trauma and all the bad stuff that’s ever happened to us is up there.

When something awful happens to you as a kid or as an adult your brain literally stamps itself. Boom 💥 this is trapped inside you! It’s a moment in time that will then be stuck with you until you get brave enough to get past the walls you’ve built to keep yourself safe.

Learning to talk about the very things that hurt us are actually the only way to heal them. I’ve been to therapy proudly and I’m a junkie in personal development, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to healing our minds.

I also know that I will always be learning about my brain because I want to control my thoughts instead of my thoughts controlling me.

When I’m not spiritually aligned with myself it’s impossible for me to release the negative pattern. As it is for everyone during these times when we refuse to believe that we’re doing the exact same thing we always do.

You are not your thoughts!

You are not your mind even a little bit!

You don’t even have control over the next thing that’s going to pop into your mind, because that’s how your brain works!

But your not your 🧠 brain!

You are the space between what you think and what you say.

That’s the real you

The spirit you

The soulful you

The heart of you

The grace you give yourself

The next time your stuck in anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, or any other feeling or emotion that you just keeps repeating itself you must snap out of it.

Just let go

Listen to your favorite music 🎶

Go exercise and make your heart beat really fast

Meditate (ask me what app I use)

Do a favor for a stranger that can never repay you

Watch a ted talk

Listen to a podcast

Do anything that changes the channel in your mind!

You can do this I promise

But you have to have insane focus because your brain wants to keep you stuck but your heart wants you stop the patterns that only you are responsible for.

If you truly want to change your mind you can!

But your going to have to do Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance in order to get anywhere💜

As my fearless leader always says

You are the watcher of your thoughts not the thinker

Eckhart Tolle

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