Friends are the family you choose for yourself

We’re nearing the end of our summer vacation. My daughter got to bring a friend with her for the first time and we’ve loved every minute of having Maya around.

Peyton has loved having her around also because then she’s not just stuck with her boring parents. She gets to experience a whole week of girl time, full of love and laughter.

There’s not a better sound in the world then when I hear the 2 of them cracking up together.

Their silly makes me smile

Their goofy makes me laugh

Their innocence brings presence

Their stories need some work

But the delivery cracks me up

Their excitement makes me feel like a kid again

The memories they made will last forever

Family doesn’t always mean that your related. Family means picking people to do life with that you love and that love you.

We sometimes get hung up on what we’re missing in life and we forget to take time to see the everyday miracles that surround us.

Friendship is a miracle that I’m forever grateful for. I’m blessed to have a family that I choose for myself because it’s where I fill my cup.

It’s where I feel the most at home and it’s one of the most important thing in my entire life!

May your Sunday be full of friends who make you heart happy!

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