Best friends are the fairy tales of life

“Best friends are the fairy tale of life

They’ve been there since once upon a time

And they will be there till happily

Ever after”

My best friends and my girlfriends are a huge part of the reason why I am who I am today. I wouldn’t be half the person i am if I weren’t surrounded by a group of strong, loyal, faithful, funny, and bad ass ladies.

I’ve always had close girlfriends, and while there were many times I picked the wrong girls to let into my life, as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten much better at it!

I’ve had one girlfriend for 24 years!

I’ve had many of the other ones for 10-13 years, & and I’m not kidding you when I say I can’t imagine a life without these women in it.

There’s a certain part of a girls heart that can only be understood by others girls!


There are times when I look in my friends eyes and I can see their souls.

If you know someone well enough there are no words that need to spoken because if you take the time to really see them then you will already know what they need.

I have more then one best friend because Girls are that important to me. My girls are my sisters from other misters. They are the family I made my own.

They are an essential part of my daily life and I will always make time for them.

Be careful who you trust and who you let in your inner circle because they all don’t deserve admittance.

Sometimes you have to let go of women who no longer honor you or support your dreams.

Sometimes we outgrow friendships and other times we grow together. This is the natural flow of life. God takes people out of your life that weren’t meant to be there and he gives you new warriors to fight your battles with.

Life is so much easier when you know that your surrounded by a tribe that won’t let you down.

I hope you’ve experienced the kind of love that I have!

I also hope that you learn your worth because once you do you won’t ever allow any “bitches” into your personal space again.

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