Summer Vacation

Good Morning World

I’m in Florida with my family and my best friends family and we are having so much fun.

I always do my writing in the morning while everyone is still asleep so I can be ready to play when they all wake up.

I can’t tell you how much I love vacation in words so I’m going to share some of my pictures with you!

We went snorkeling for the first time ever together and my 13 year old daughter even smiled for this picture!

Praise Jesus Friends! I got a smile!

We got my friends husband down to the beach, in his shorts and successfully into the ocean! This is huge friends this is huge!

We’ve been swimming every single day and it’s only Wednesday! This means we have a many more days left of fun in the sun.

From big to small we’ve got it all and we’re ready to do it all over again today!

Take time to learn how to pause your life.

How to recharge your batteries

And how to connect to your spirit again!

Relationships are the most important thing in my entire life!

What’s yours?

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