Do your actions come from the heart or the ego?

Good morning friends

I’m on my way to Florida as I write to you!

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a dear friend last night.

How do you know if your intentions are pure or if they are self serving!

I would have never even had the capacity to think those thoughts had I not spent years figuring myself out.

Seriously friends the world needs more authenticity, more real, less ego,

Less me, and more connection!

I’m going to share a story with you from my own life, so that you can understand pure versus ego. As you know my best friend has been fighting breast cancer all year (she’s just

Kicked it’s ass btw) long.

We became friends because we do hair together. But we’ve also chosen each other to do life with. To grow with,

To cry with and to kick each other in the ass whenever it’s necessary. I am beyond blessed to have 3 co-workers that are also best friends!


Because my friend couldn’t work this year we decided we would do her customers

For her and give her half of all money we make from here people.

Now I want you to stop right there!

Whatever your next thought is it’s


We are not sweet or amazing or any of those silly things!

We don’t want any credit for this because this is NOT about us!

It’s about our girl!

It’s about showing up when life turns to shit and doing anything you can to make it better.

It’s about giving something to someone because it’s the only thing you have to give.

It’s about being selfless and that’s what it means to be authentic.

That’s what it means to be wholehearted!

It’s never about yourself!

Here’s the simple difference between the heart and the ego

💀 The ego does things that make yourself look good. They are things that you do that are about you and never about the other person. The ego says ME ME ME!

💜 The heart shows compassion not sympathy. The heart is always available and it’s never selfish. The heart is pure and the intentions are full of love.

I can tell a mile away if your intentions are self serving or if they truly come from your 💜

The real question is are you even aware of your ego?

Thanks for reading



God Bless

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