How to create more presence in your life

I live in a small town in Ohio! When I was in middle school my sister and friends and I came across some wet cement by the park.

So we decided to put our names in there. What a thrilling and exciting adventure, fueled by youth, mischievousness, and the wonder of life.

And can I just say as a 44 year old woman I absolutely love that connection to my childhood. I loved walking with my husband and saying “look at this babe” & sharing my history with him and with my children.

I can literally feel the light within shine brighter when I’m walking and I see this.

Some memories fill us up and they create a new space inside of us.

A space that’s full of presence. A mind that’s in the NOW, and a heart that’s full

Of gratitude!

If your ever feeling lost or confused, find a story from your own life that fills you up and makes you feel the love within.

You are loved friends

Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate you!


God Bless


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