You’re Asleep & I’m Awake Do you want to see things differently?

Your asleep


I’m awake

That’s the difference

If you want to change your life I can help

The more people I meet and coach

The more I see the human patterns

Our stories are different but our

Fears and anxieties are all the same

Most of us are not even living

We’re sleep walking and it’s scary to think I could have continued on like that forever

Get real with you

Ask for help and then learn how to get past yourself

If you’ve been stuck repeating the exact same patterns over and over again for years it’s time

To wake up

Insanity: Doing the exact same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

Ways that your stuck

💜 You keep repeating the same mistakes with the partners that you pick, or you keep fighting the same fight with your partner over and over again and nothing ever changes

🧚🏻‍♂️You start a new diet or workout regimen with full speed and then half way through you crash and burn like always knowing full well that you’ve already been here a million times before

💰You have an unhealthy relationship with money and your never able to understand what your doing wrong and every time you begin to save something happens and you have to start all over again

🏃🏻‍♀️ You really want to change your life but your so afraid of change that you self sabotage and you end up making things worse then they were to begin with

🌞 You finally break your addiction only

To have it come back and control you once again because you’ve not actually dealt with the problem

You see my friends I could literally list a million more life situations but if you would take the time time to study the ones I’ve listed, then you will see a common theme.

The theme is


Until you learn how to get real with yourself

Until you learn how to undo all that’s been done to you

Until you decide that your ability to grow is stronger then your desire to stay the same

Until you learn a new way to think and you learn how to rewrite your story

You will be trapped inside your own mind

Your own fears

Your own hell to speak

I don’t want this for you

God doesn’t want this for you

The universe doesn’t want this for you

Only your fears want to keep you small and insignificant

Will you learn how to get past yourself by looking inside?

Are you ready to create a new life for yourself?

I can teach you how I changed my life but your the one who has to to do the work

My gift to you a FREE subscription to my blog click here for you daily

Dose of inspiration

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