Monday’s Motivation

Monday’s Motivation

How do you start your morning?

If you Think it doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you that’s where you are wrong.

If you wake up each morning and your unhappy and miserable then that’s the energy that will follow you around all day.

If the first 5 thoughts you have are

I didn’t sleep last night

I hate that it’s Monday

I don’t want to work today

I’m tired

I want to go back to sleep

Then my friends you shall attract everyone of those things.

Do you understand why your words and your thoughts are soooooo powerful?

It’s because your thoughts lead to your feelings and if your stuck in negative mode then you have to first realize this if you want to change it.

I had to hire my own life coach because I had certain things that I refused to admit we’re my own problems. I didn’t know how to take responsibility for certain behaviors and I needed help because I was stuck.

I was the reason I was stuck!

But I was also the reason I got unstuck!

Get real with yourselves friends.

It’s Monday do some new shit that scares you!

Stop living in fear and learn how to be here

In the now.

My mornings now consist of a different routine that’s filled with gratitude. Learning thankfulness and mindfulness will make you the hero of your own story instead of the victim!

You are capable of so much more but it’s going to take intense focus.

“We’re committed to 2 pains the pain of discipline or the pain of regret” Jim Rohn

I decided to go with discipline I’ve never been a fan of regret.

I change my story and I change my life

Are you ready to start a new chapter?

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