Badassery equals taking risks

When I’m asked what’s the one thing you did to change your life?

I have to admit there’s not just one thing.

Is there ever one thing?

It’s a culmination of many small tasks that eventually, overtime created a new mindset and mentality for myself.

It’s not that I have some special super human powers that I recently discovered in my 40’s. Instead it was the middle of my life that made me awaken.

It’s the time when I knew that I was destined for more but I was also scared shitless.

When we create new things in our lives it’s scary and it’s exciting all at the same time.

But here’s the thing, you have got to learn that no matter where you are in life, it’s all because of the choices you’ve made.

If you are happy and love your life it’s because you’ve worked hard to create that life.

If your miserable and you hate your life, you have created that misery yourself.

Learning to get past ourselves is the first step in change. We block ourselves from our own destinies because we’re living in our fear zone.

I used to live inside my head and believe all of my fears.

I used to be just like you, until I decided it was time for something new.

We all have the ability to create anything we desire, but we all don’t know how to take action.

Don’t get stuck in the learning phase and never take action, because that’s just as bad as not learning at all!

You’ve got this Friends

You can create anything that you want

But your going to have to visit your inner bad ass and get to know her better if you want your life to change!

You can spend your entire life playing it safe


You can get to work on kicking those fears in the ass


God Bless



Thanks for reading my blog I appreciate you 💜

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