I spread light in the midst of chaos

Hi I’m

Tay Tay

This year has been a rough year for many people that I love

It seems as though the world we live in just keeps getting more chaotic and more divided

I’m here to spread the light in the midst

Of the darkness

It’s not a job for the weak

I have to share the love because that’s

What we are all missing

We are a disconnected society

People want to share their anger and their

Righteousness and they want to hurt others because they hurt

It doesn’t have to be this way Friends

We have to learn to guard our hearts and to heal them so that the light can pour out of us

You are totally responsible for your thoughts and actions

You pick where you spend your time

You decide what you are going to allow to enter your heart

You are in charge of you and it’s time to take responsibility for your energy

You either share a post that makes people feel good


You share something confrontational that’s going to create drama

Don’t fall prey to the negativity

The devil wants to divide us

Because then we’re easier to conquer

He wants to fill your head and your heart with lies

I urge you to feed the faith and starve the fears because our world will only become stronger when we share the love

Like and share this post if you

Want to share the love 💜


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