When life sucks show up

Meet my best friend Renee 💜

Some of you who know me

Personally already know that my

Girls been fighting breast cancer all year long.

It’s been a roller coaster

It’s been shitty

It’s been a year full of different

It’s been scary and it’s been hard

But I’m

Happy to write this today

Because Renee’s having surgery in 2 days to have surgery

I have to admit that Renee and I have grown even closer because of this stupid disease

We made new memories together and while no one ever asks to be in the C Club

They somehow make the best of it

Please post a comment or a prayer or a word of encouragement as she prepares mentally for

The next step

Renee you are strong






And a warrior

I’ve watched you during

This entire process and while I’ve never been able to do the one thing I wanted to


Which was make it all go away

I learned so much from

You this year

I’m sooooooo proud of you for rocking your fuzzy head right

I’m beyond blessed to call you my


And this is the beginning of the end

I love you





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