There’s a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought

When I began my journey a few years ago to change my life, I had no clue where I would be today. I just decided it was time for something new. I knew that I had to study myself if I was going to change anything, after all I am the only one that I can control.

Looking inside is weird and scary at first which is one of the reasons I decided to start coaching people. There are things that we are really good at and then there are other things that we need help with.

I’ve coached many people and most of them did the work and created a new reality for themselves. Some people hire me and still won’t do the work that I have assigned them.

It’s simply because they refuse to listen. We believe our own thoughts and we’re unable to get beyond the fears in our minds. You are more than your thoughts that hold you back. You are more than your fears that keep you stuck. You are an amazing spirit with a beautiful soul and when your ready to bloom I’m here to help you!

Monday’s Mantras

I’m worthy of more

I welcome abundance

I am loved

I am capable

I am strong

I am brave

I am bold

I will try new things this week

💕 Tay Tay

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