Learning to fill in the blanks

Good Morning Friends!

As you all know I’ve been on a journey to heal myself the last few years, and yesterday I filled in another blank in my life.

This is my Aunt Luci, who I just met for the first time in my entire life yesterday. I was excited to get to finally have lunch with her and to meet her in person.

She’s the only living relative left on the Robinson side of my family. I grew up with the Robinson name and I passed it onto my son, so he will keep the name alive for generations to come.

My biological father was Luci’s little brother. While I didn’t have a relationship with my dad, at 44 I found myself longing to fill in the blanks that were such a huge part of my life.

I had very little information about that side of the family and for many years I had no desire to learn about them at all. But instead of feeding my fears I learned how to feed my faith.

I met Luci at the exact time in my life when I was supposed to. She came to me when God saw that it was fit for her to enter my heart.

If I would have met her 5 years ago then I wouldn’t have been as receptive or as open to learning about my family.

I share this story with you because it’s never to late to change your own story. For years I told myself that no one in that family cared about me or loved me. I believed the stories everyone else told me and I never took the time to figure things out for myself.

I also spent years in denial, because it was simply easier to ignore my broken pieces then it was to try to figure them out.

But here’s the thing Friends, avoidance and denial will keep you stuck forever. We often think we’re keeping ourselves safe, but what we’re really doing is more of what we’ve always done.

I’m so happy that I got to meet Luci! The stories she shared with me will be forever close to my heart and I can’t wait to go on a few new adventures with her.

She gave me a little baggie with a few pictures and newspaper articles inside. They made me cry because my story was all wrong. She did care and she was paying attention.

She said that we could plan a trip to Indiana to see my grandmothers heirlooms in a museum and I can get my Indian registration card.

I can’t wait to learn more about my roots and my family. I hope that if you have some questions about yourself that you ask them before it’s to late.




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