A 4th well spent

Holidays in the middle of the week are weird but awesome

Another day to celebrate freedom and friendship

Family and friends

Life and Love

A time to create new memories

That will last a life time

There’s a whole lot that can happen in a year you never know when everything’s going to change

These tips are for you

❤️Never take anything for granted

💙Spend more time making memories and less time making money

❤️Practice gratitude always

💙Family and Friendships are my favorite

❤️Schedule the things that are important to you

💙Spend time with people who fill you up and stay away from those who don’t appreciate your magic

❤️Believe actions over words everytime because they never lie

💙When people show you who they really are believe them

❤️Never underestimate your intuition

💙Make sure you get your daily dose of belly laughs

❤️Remember the power of now

💙Stop being afraid and start living awake today

I hope your 4th was full of love and laughter

❤️Tay Tay

4 thoughts on “A 4th well spent

      1. We went over to a friends house for firer works on the 3rd then my son and his friends shot them off on the 4th. It was a lot of fun! Randy (husband) did a video, I am waiting for him to finish it so I can post about it.

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